About Me

I am a Special Education Teacher in a Community Based Instruction (CBI) classroom in Bryant, Arkansas.  I have taught first grade, second grade, and fourth grade general education classes but my new passion is for students with developmental disabilities.  I am their biggest advocate, and they are a huge blessing to me!  I love teaching and hope that my passion for teaching infuses young people with a passion for learning.

My greatest claim to fame, however, is that I am a wife of forty-two years to an extremely sweet man who has dedicated his life to working with individuals with disabilities as well, the mother to two girls who are the best moms I have ever seen, the mother to a son who unfortunately is deceased but will always live on in my heart, and the “Mimi” to the cutest grandsons EVER!   I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the guys who love my girls, my new “sons” that I adore just as much as I do my girls!

I love my family, and I love my job!!!!   Life is good. 🙂